…is a unique live arts and health initiative that was established in May 2020 by cellist Gerald Peregrine in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

To date, the project has delivered over 1,000 outdoor, socially distanced concerts to the grounds of care homes and hospitals in 21 counties, North and South of the border.

The project was established to address several key problems, in summary:


for those living in long term care/ metal health units.

1: To provide access to the most vulnerable and isolated members of society to live, outdoor concerts, featuring Ireland’s finest artists.

2: To provide an improvement in physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing by engaging in these intimate, group concerts. To provide hope due to the knowledge that we will be making return visits.

3: To provide respite for medical staff, and also to provide comfort to loved ones at home, through the use of shared photos/videos from the concert.


1: We have managed to deliver over 1,000 concerts in 21 counties, during multiple lockdowns, and have broken down barriers by creating this unique opportunity for those who have least access. We have employed over 95 Irish artists across all genres.

2: We have seen a huge improvement in mental and physical wellbeing, as reported in our detailed feedback ( provided at back of proposal ). We have also measured health improvements with an evaluation form and will compile a report at the conclusion of our pilot project.

3: The concerts have given the staff a boost and provided opportunities for them to pause and experience a positive communal experience with the residents.


Loss of all employment for the foreseeable future due to strict social distancing measures. This problem will continue until a viable vaccine or treatments for Covid 19 become widespread, which could be as late as 2022.

Loss of ability to interact socially through performing music together.

Psychological and emotional stress due to the inability to exercise their art practice in a social context.

High levels of anxiety due to loss of income.

Existential fear around the loss of livelihood.

Surviving on PUP, at a cost to the State.


We provided work for over 95 musicians at a time when no work existed. We are the largest, most cost effective and wide reaching Coivd- 19 response project in the arts, as all our work is live and in person.

Created opportunities to work in teams, develop leadership skills

Ease the stress of lockdown by providing a way to look forward.

Provided hope to ease anxiety about loss of work.