We have received many hundreds of testimonials during the life of this project. Each home we have visited have written to tell us what the concerts mean to them. We have selected a few testimonials as a representation of this sentiment.


Dear Sandra and Gerard,
I would like on behalf of all of us in Ashford House to thank you so much for such an amazing concert on the 19th.

Each time you have entertained us we can see the positive effects not only on our residents but on our staff too.

The incredible music and performance lifts everyone’s spirits and the benefits that this brings carries over into every other aspect of life in the nursing home. It is also very reassuring for our families knowing that their loved one is enjoying such first class entertainment and deriving huge joy from your efforts.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to all of your wonderful colleagues.
Kind regards,

Denise Byrne 
Provider, Ashford House Nursing Home


Dear Sandra,
Very many thanks for the spectacular performance on Wednesday.
The residents were thrilled!!

We had 2 residents who were sitting out in front of the main door for that front seat experience who did not want to come back inside as they wanted more singing!!

They needed a lot of coaxing to come back inside despite the cold weather.
Words of a famous musician, “The true beauty of music is that it connects people, it carries a message, and it’s the musicians, who are the true messengers.”
It was an absolute pressure to have the team here especially during the time when everything is so grim and dull, your team bought smiles and cheer to the lives of the residents who aren’t able to connect to their loved ones like they would normally. Residents were shaking their heads to the music, smiling , laughing, and remarking among themselves and to staff how they thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

No words can quite express how music can connect to some residents who speak very little, yet they communicate in their own unique way when they hear music.
The music and the singing certainly brought liveliness and merriment in the home and the aftermath of it lasted the whole day as we had residents singing and dancing later during the day and that was a real joy for families to see the photos and video of residents as they relished that delightful moment.

Fabulous performance ,great passion, and talent throughout the team. Musician and singers convey emotion exceptionally well..
With regards to the wellness forms, I gave them to Gerald in an envelope at the end of the concert.
Thanks so much again.
Look forward to seeing you all again. 

Simi Nelson | Director of Nursing


Dear Gerald,
I hope this email finds you well.  We just want to express our utmost gratitude for calling over to us and performing with your group, the Mobile Music Machine featuring the Irish soprano, Celine Byrne. 

It was an electric, fun afternoon.  The sun splitting stones and hearing your wonderful tunes had totally broken the difficulty of the lockdown. You have brightened the spirits of both residents and staff.  I spoke to some residents and asked them what they thought of the concert, I thought you might want to hear some of their feedback. 
Michael N – They were very good. Very good. Bless them
Philomena O – I like them ,they’re very good.  You know what, they should join the X Factor. Then they will have dancers on the background. 
Eileen F – Oh they were very good. I hope they come back.
More power! Stay safe! 

Kind Regards,

Cat Dallarte | Director of Nursing


Dear  Gerald
I wish to sincerely thank you for the wonderful concert that was put on yesterday. I have received nothing but amazing feedback from residents & staff alike. It was a ray of hope in these frustrating times and showed us that good times  are within reach again.

The residents and  staff thoroughly enjoyed the variety of music and it certainly made a great impact on their day .

Hopefully it will not be long till  you make a return trip.

Noreen Hynes,
Assistant director of nursing


Hi Gerald,

Apologies for the late reply.

We are so looking forward to having you back to visit us again. Your concerts are simply amazing and bring so much joy to our residents (and staff!). I can see from them that they are totally absorbed by it all.

Thank you once again. We are counting down the days to your next visit!

Kind regards,

Maura O’ Sullivan


Hi Gerald 
I hope you are well. Thanking you for your email. 

“Our Residents were excited when they heard that you were returning to perform for a second time, they really enjoyed your musical assortment and are asking already when is your next visit”
Thanking you again for performing and we hope you will choose to come back to us again in the future, let me know if above it suffice,

Lorraine Sheahan 
General Services Manager


Consultant psychiatrist Dr Ray Goggins said “it’s been fantastic” and “a bit of light and positivity” for the residents.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to do more of these concerts into the future, but for them it’s been priceless because most people here never would have gone to a concert. All of us over the last year have been bereft of live entertainment but for the lads here they may never have gone to a concert at any stage of their life, so this has been really exciting for them.”


Good evening Gerald,

I hope this email finds you well. I hope you don’t mind me emailing you here, my boss Sean, forwards all your emails to me as I am the activities co coordinator here at St Anthony’s nursing home in Pallasgreen.

I want to personally thank you for the previous 2 wonderful performances you and your fellow volunteers have given to our residents. It is so hard to put into words the impact your music has had… it is definitely true when they say music breaks all barriers.

On your last visit, you and your crew really brought a show to our home. A show that really impacted on so many of our residents living with Dementia, those who ordinarily found it difficult to react or engage in any meaningful activity.

It was the topic of conversation here for weeks after your last visit and we relish the opportunity to take apart again this Friday. 


Hi Gerald.
I had to email after the visit from The Mobile Music Machine today. We had 2 absolutely fantastic concerts, enjoyed by residents, day care clients and staff. It was so enjoyable and uplifting. Just the tonic needed.

The fact that some Wexford people were involved made it all the more special! I can honestly say that the money used to fund this project was money well spent. The therapeutic benefits of projects like this cannot be understated.

Words of a service user “that was so emotional, but good emotional. I feel like a new woman!” On chatting to a newly diagnosed dementia client afterwards, I was blown away when he said that “my problem is my memory, you know, but I’m so happy that this music actually helped me to forget what is wrong with me. I felt normal again”

Anyway I just wanted to express my thanks on behalf of all who attended and if possible maybe you could forward this thanks to the artists involved. If ever the opportunity arises again we would love to open it up to the wider, elderly community.
Many thanks
Manager Grantstown Day Care Centre


Dear Gerald

The Residents thoroughly enjoyed the recent visit from the Mobile Music Machine. They found the music relaxing to listen to and spoke of the wonderful singing. Music has always been the most popular activity in the home and the residents always really enjoy the visits from the Mobile Music Machine.

The music and songs are presented beautifully and the musicians are always very good at relating back to the audience. The Residents always look forward to their visits and we the staff always notice a positive difference in their moods after each performance.

We would really appreciate it if the Mobile Music Machine could continue with their visits for as long as possible. As a charity it can be difficult to outsource free activities for our residents and to have this service come to our door is invaluable to us.

Kind regards

Lisa Prendergast
Nurse Manager